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Town of Halfmoon Recreation Department
Amanda Smith, Recreation Director
2 Halfmoon Town Plaza
Halfmoon, NY 12065
518 -371-7410, ext. 2700


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The information below is for the 2014 Summer Program. For more detailed information, please see our Summer Brochure/Parent Handbook. Brochures will be mailed out to families on our mailing list around February 28th. Brochures will be available in the Town Hall starting March 3rd. For specific questions about our Summer Camp, please contact the Recreation Office.

You must be a resident of the Town of Halfmoon to register for any of our Summer Programs and EVERYONE must submit new immunization records for our records before registering.

Clubhouse Summer Program
(For children entering grades 1 - 2 in the fall)

This program is located at the Town Park on Route 236, Halfmoon. Activities offered include trips, lessons, arts n crafts, swimming and other recreational, social and educational experiences. All campers MUST be at least 5 and entering the 1st grade to participate in the Full Day Program.

Mechanicville Summer Program
(For children entering grades 3 - 5 in the fall)

This program is located at the Mechanicville Elementary School, 25 Kniskern Avenue, Mechanicville. Children are offered a variety of recreational, social, and educational activities including trips, lessons, swimming, open gym and arts n crafts.

Pavilion Summer Program
(For children entering grades 6 – 10 in the fall, age limit of 15)

This program is located at the Halfmoon Town Complex, Harris Road, Halfmoon. Children are offered a variety of recreational, social, and educational activities including trips, lessons, sports and arts n crafts.

Fee Schedule for 2014 Full-day program

Days and Times:


6 Week Fee:





Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

June 30 - August 8, closed July 4

$175.00 - 1st child; $155.00 - 2nd child;

$135.00 - 3rd child; $115.00 - 4th child

**After June 6th fees double **

$350.00 - 1st child; $310.00 - 2nd child;

$270.00 - 3rd child; $230.00 - 4th child

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This program is located at the Town Park on Route 236, Halfmoon. This program wraps around the Town program in the morning and afternoon. Activities include sports, games, arts and crafts and other traditional camp fun. This program is limited to 70 campers on a first come, first served basis.

Program Times:


Weekly fee:




Monday – Friday, June 30 - August 8, closed July 4

7 am to 9 am & 3 pm to 6 pm

AM - $25.00 / week

PM - $35.00 / week

Participants register during regular registration dates and times

The first three weeks of Wrap Around are due at registration; the last 3 weeks will be due on or before July 9th. Each participant must pay for all 6 weeks of Wrap Around regardless of how many weeks are used. In order to receive a refund of monies paid, a written wrap around program withdrawal request must be submitted by June 27th.

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For Children ages 3 – 5 (must be 3 by May 1 and FULLY potty trained to enter the 3 year old program; must be 4 by May 1 and FULLY potty trained to enter 4 & 5 year old program). During swim days, the children must be able change independently.

Located at the Halfmoon Town Hall, 2 Halfmoon Town Plaza, Halfmoon. Activities include Circle Time, Art n Crafts, Stories and Outdoor Fun. Children provide their own snack.

Kindergarten Class

Program Time:

Monday - Friday from 9am-11:30am

Cost: $100

25 per class

Must be entering Kindergarten in the Fall

4 year-old Class

Program Time:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12:30-3pm

Cost: $65

15 per class

Must be 4 by May 1st and potty trained

3 year-old Class

Program Time:

Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30-3pm

Cost: $55

12 per class

Must be 3 by May 1st and potty trained

** After June 6th fees double **

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You must be a resident of the Town of Halfmoon to register for any of our Summer Camp Programs.

IMPORTANT: Children are registered and separated by GRADE level. Children will REMAIN IN THE SAME GRADE ALL SUMMER LONG. The groups are organized as follows: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade through 10th grade groups. For the safety of the children, organization of our Program and reliability of our staff, a child MUST REMAIN IN HIS/HER GROUP ALL SUMMER LONG.

At the time of registration make absolutely sure that the Grade entering in the fall column is correct. Take into consideration your child’s peers and grade level, ask around, including the staff registering you. No grade level switching will be possible after June 6th. All changes after registration must be submitted in writing (no fax or e-mails) before June 6th.

Registration Forms:

Forms will be available in the Town Hall beginning March 31st and at registrations.

Resident Registration Dates:

Saturdays, April 5, 12

Tuesdays, April 8, 15 & 22

9:00 am - Noon

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

To Register Residents need:

  • Proof of residency: Current phone, gas, or electric bill with your name and current address
  • Picture ID (drivers license, passport)
  • To have read and understood the Brochure / Parent Handbook.
  • Due to new Department of Health regulations, EVERYONE must submit new Immunization Records obtained from the primary physician or school nurse. The record must include the child’s name. Even if your child has attended camp in previous years, you must provide a new copy for our records. NO child will be allowed to register for camp without a new immunization record.
  • Current Doctors name and phone number
  • Payment in Full for:
    1. Registration Fee
    2. Lessons
    3. Trips (1st week)
    4. T-Shirts
    5. Wrap Around (first 3 weeks)

Please Note: Please do not fill out checks ahead of time. Please wait until the actual registration. If paying with a check, two separate payments are required.

Return Check Policy:

A $20 fee will be added on all returned checks. Returned checks must be paid for within one week. Cash or money order must be used when paying for the returned check and must include the original amount of the check plus the $20.00 returned check fee(s). If a check is returned, ALL future payments MUST be in cash or by money order.

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The Summer Program offers a variety of lessons for youths to attend during camp hours. Lessons are held once a week. They are to be paid in full at registration and are NON-REFUNDABLE. If your child is interested in taking a lesson, you must register before June 6th.

Note: Lessons WILL conflict with trips. Since lessons are non-refundable and trips are refundable, lessons take precedence over trips. If you sign your child up for a trip when they are assigned to a lesson, they will be sent to the lesson unless a note is handed in that day specifically stating you prefer your child to go on the trip. Instructors are responsible for scheduling make-up days.

Lesson course information will become available closer to registration.

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  • Refunded checks are written by the end of September (no request required)
  • To minimize processing costs, NO TRIP REFUNDS will be issued for $25.00 or less per family
  • In the event a trip vendor will not refund money for absent children to the Town of Halfmoon, the Town will not be able to provide a refund to the child for the missed trip
  • In the event a trip is cut short due to inclement weather, the facility is responsible for refunds given, not the Town
  • ALL OTHER REFUNDS (registration fee, wrap around fees) must be requested. Registration refund requests must be submitted in writing and received in our office BY July 2nd. Wrap around refund requests must be submitted in writing and received in our office BY June 27th.
  • Emailed & faxed refund requests will NOT be honored. Requests must be dropped off to our office or sent by mail.
  • Refund requests received AFTER the deadlines WILL NOT BE HONORED

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Below is a list of all bus stops we have utilized in past years. As our community continues to grow, our bus stop locations are ever changing. We are currently revamping our bus stop list. Please see the 2014 Summer Camp Brochure for a completed list of all changes. At registration you will be asked to sign up for a bus stop. This will help us to establish how the buses will run.

After registration is complete, we will then be able to determine the actual bus routes depending on how many children sign up for each bus stop. Once the bus routes have been established, all participants in the program will be mailed a full bus schedule including approximate times for pick up. We will not estimate times for drop offs in the afternoons. Anyone picking up a child from a bus stop will need to be at the bus stop at 3:05pm the first couple days of camp to determine drop off times.


Stop #
























Bus Stop Locations

4 & 32 Substation

Anchor Drive & Clippership Lane

Anchor Drive & Mates Way

Brantwood & Cemetary

Cambridge Drive & Bayberry

Cardin & Plant

Cary @ Rolling Hills

Cemetary Road & Halfmoon Court Apts.

Christopher Way & Anthony Way

Cooks Court and Crowsnest

D&R (mailboxes)

Danforth & Eleanor

Deer Run & Cindy Lane

Farm to Market @ Outlook Drive

Farmview @ Harris Road

Fellows & Halfmoon Heritage Dr.

Halfmoon Firehouse

Horseshoe Circle & Saratoga (Turf TP)

Jason & DeVoe

Knoxwoods (at tennis court)

Mapleridge & Oakleaf

Mechanicville High School

Nadeau Drive & Dutchess Path

Stop #























Bus Stop Locations

Orchardview & Plant

Oregon Trail & Mohican Way

Pine Ridge 2

Ponderosa & Fieldstone

Route 236 & Lexington Commons

Smith & Vosburgh (Vosburgh TP)

Smith Road & Hidden Farm Lane

Spice Mill & Ginger

Spice Mill & Keystone

Springbrook TP (by Mama’s)

Stage Run @ Harris Road

Staniak & Johnson

Terragon & Cabot

The Landings (mailboxes)

Timberwick & Shelbourne

Town Park

Ushers Road

Werner Road & Willowbrook

West Crescent Firehouse

Windsor & Bayberry

Woodin & Manchester (Northwood)

Woodin & Pineview

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What should my child bring to summer camp?

We ask that all children bring in a water bottle and towel. In addition we also ask that all children wear socks and sneakers every day in order to participate in all the activities we offer. Please keep in mind that everything is open so anything your child brings to camp should be labeled with their name.

We also recommend that children DO NOT bring toys, games and electronics to camp. We do not have lockers or a locked area to keep these items in; everything is open to the view and hands of all campers. The Town is not responsible for items lost, broken or stolen. We do have a lost and found at each site in the Site Office.

What are the lunch options?

All children are more than welcome to bring their lunch to camp, keep in mind we do not have refrigeration. In addition we also offer pizza or chicken fingers with fries, depending on the day. We also offer a choice of drinks: Water or Gatorade. All lunch orders must be placed by 9:30am; if your child arrives to camp after 9:30am, the parent is responsible to provide lunch that day. Schedules of lunch options will be mailed along with the bus schedule prior to the first day of camp.

What is a typical day on site like if a child does not attend a trip?

All our trips are optional; we offer a full day of activities for the campers who prefer to stay on site. Below is an example of a daily schedule, please keep in mind this is an example and is not necessarily the schedule for this year.














1st Grade



Field 1

Indoor Games

Playground 1


Water games

Arts and Crafts


Indoor Games


Get Ready to Leave

2nd Grade


Indoor Games

Field 2


Indoor Games



Water games


Arts and Crafts


Get Ready to Leave

What is the policy for rainy or extremely hot days?

For days that are extremely rainy or hot, the on-site schedule will change as the weather changes. On these days, time playing outside is limited depending on the weather. If children aren’t able to play outside we will provide movies and indoor activities for the campers to enjoy.

Can I pick up or drop off my child to a lesson or trip?

Due to insurance regulations and the safety of the campers we do not allow parents to drop off or pick up children to trips or lessons. In order for campers to participate in our trips and lessons the Town of Halfmoon must transport them to and from the facilities.

What happens if I need to pick up my child early from camp or drop them off late?

If your camper arrives to camp after 9am, you will be asked to sign them in for the day. If you need to pick up a camper early, please let us know by writing a note to the Site Director. When you pick up a child from camp you will be asked to provide Photo ID and will be required to sign them out for the day.

Is there transportation after the Wednesday late trip?

No, we do not provide transportation home after the Wednesday late trips. You will need to pick up your child at the Town Pavilion (this is for all sites). You will be asked to provide Photo ID and to sign them out.

What happens if my child is sick or we are on vacation and cannot hand in a permission slip?

Permission slips are available in the Main Office throughout the summer. We will always have permissions slips at least 2 weeks ahead. If you are planning a vacation or your child is ill, it is your responsibility to make sure a permission slip is handed in on time. Our staff is at the Clubhouse until 6pm every night and permission slips are available at all sites. Likewise, if your child does not come home with a permission slip on Friday, please let us know to make sure we send one home on Monday. Permission slips are handed out to campers as they board the bus at the end of the day.

Does my child have to attend everyday from 9am to 3pm?

No, once you pay the registration fee, your child is entitled to come as much or as little as they like for the six weeks. Some campers choose to only come to camp certain days of the week or certain hours of the day. If your child is going to be absent for a day, you do not need to contact us to let us know. Please be aware of deadlines and make sure to hand in permission slips on time if your camper does not plan on attending on deadline dates.

If my child is signed up for a lesson and a trip on the same day, can they attend both?

In most cases, campers signed up for a lesson and a trip on the same day will not be able to do both. We will always send the camper to their lesson unless it is marked on the weekly permission slip or a note is submitted giving the camper permission to skip the lesson and to attend the trip that day.

If my child misses a trip they were registered for, can I get a refund?

Yes, throughout the summer we keep track of all absences in the Main Office and if the refund (per family) is valued at $25 or more than a refund check will be cut. Refund checks are typically cut towards the end of August to the beginning of September.

If my child attends a trip and it is sent home early, will we get a refund?

We always travel to the daily trip in hopes of good weather. If we are sent home early due to bad weather or the facility closing, it is up to the facility to compensate for the early departure. Some facilities choose to give monetary refunds, other give tickets for the campers to return another day. It is the facilities decision to refund the campers and what the compensation will be.

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